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July 27, 2024 (Sat)
Yokohama Concert “Requiem for Loved Ones: An Eternal Melody of Life”

The charm of the Yokohama Concert “Requiem for Loved Ones: An Eternal Melody of Life” lies in the German Requiem in its official version, with a full orchestra and a pipe organ accompaniment.

This official version of the German Requiem is usually too costly to put together in Japan. However, there is a reason why we wanted to see this performance realized.

The first time that we, Imoikiruhito Resonance Harmony, performed this great piece was at a concert we held last June at Saint-Sulpice Church, one of the largest churches in Paris, France.

Although the final performance was far from perfect due to the short preparation period, the approximately 2,000 audience members praised it with a standing ovation. When our philosophy of “contributing to world peace through Gasshō (Japanese chorus music)” and Brahms’ vision of creating “healing music for the people” combined, it produced a miracle.

This performance was realized with the desire to share that miraculous moment in its complete form with the people of Japan.

The Main Hall of Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall has a wonderful pipe organ consisting of 4,632 pipes. From the early planning stages of the Main Hall’s construction, the architecture was designed to enhance the sound of the organ. As a result, the entire hall resonates like a single musical instrument, inviting you to feel as if the organ’s sound envelops the hearts and bodies of the audience.

Performed in such a hall, the official version of the German Requiem will be an experience of another dimension, the profound yet elegant sound of the pipe organ and the spectacular orchestra blending with the chorus and harmonizing with your hearts.

We hope you will experience the healing music of Brahms and Imoikiruhito Resonance Harmony. 

 July 27, 2024 (Sat)  Start 17:30(Open 16:45)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Ave verum corpus KV618
 Kayo Konishi, Yukio Kondo(MOKA☆)︎/LILIUM
 Johannes Brahms/Ein deutsches Requiem op.45
 <Compser>Kosuke Tani <Soprano>Ami Nakamura <Baritone>Yann TOUSSAINT
 <Organ>Takeshi Kondou <Chorus>Imaoikiruhito Resonance Harmony <Orchestra>Resonance Harmony Orchestra
 Yokohama Minatomirai Hall(Main Hall)

 S:¥5,000 A:¥4,000 B:¥3,000 C:¥2,000 
 ※No entry for children younger than 6 years of age
 ※Tax included

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